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PeruGG1980 Metal surface cleaning machine

Double position magnetic cleaning machine, 2 frequency converter control panel

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Product introduction PRODUCT INTRODUCTION
Product ModelGG1980
Grinding groove size1800*520(drum)
Power supplyAC380v(50Hz)16A
Motor power4KW*2
Equipment weight580KG
Grinding capacity40-60Kg
Operation modePositive and negative rotation
Steel needle12KG
Lapping liquid100L
Motor speed1400 RPM


* Magnetic polishing Perucleaning speed is fast, the average grinding time is about 3-15 minutes, replace the workpiece quickly, can replace the grinding parts in the operation of the magnetic polishing Perucleaning machine

* Simple operation, safe, completely technology-free, one person can operate several magnetic polishing cleaning machines

* Low cost, stainless steel needle is very low consumption, the main consumables for the grinding fluid

* No pollution, the grinding fluid is 90% moisture, no toxicity and the risk of fire, fully in line with environmental emission standards

* After grinding, the workpiece is easy to handle. The workpiece and stainless steel needle can be easily separated by screen, screen cylinder or separator


Guangu Strong Magnetic Polishing Machine

Consumables: 304 stainless steel magnetic needle, lapping fluid, brightener
Equipment accessory: siemens motor, siemens inverter, N50H High temperature resistant rubidium iron boron strong magnetic
Off-the-shelf finished goods, Can be customized according to customer requirements

  • 厂家直供Manufacturer direct supply
  • 匠心品质Quality of craftsmanship
  • 安装方便Easy installation Easy to use
  • 强磁终身质保Strong magnetic lifetime warranty


Fast speed, with an average polishing and grinding time of 5-15 minutes;


Easy to operate, one person can operate multiple magnetic needle polishing machines;


Workpiece separation can be easily achieved by using a sieve, steel needle separator, or vibrating screen to separate the workpiece from the stainless steel needle;


The metal workpiece does not deform after polishing, grinding, and cleaning, and does not affect accuracy;


Can remove welding spots, oxide skin, burrs, chamfers, etc. on the surface of the workpiece in one go, saving time and effort;

Flat polishing machine PRODUCT DISPLAY

Range of application SCOPE OF USE

1. Precision metal stamping parts 2. Stainless steel parts, 304 stainless steel screws and nuts 3. Magnesium aluminum die casting 4. Zinc aluminum die casting 5. Precision spring, shrapnel parts 6. Electronic, computer and communication parts 7. Walking heart, walking knife, CNC automatic lathe parts 8. Aerospace parts, medical equipment parts

  • PeruGG1980 Metal surface cleaning machine

  • 故障率低

    First line brand accessories, low failure rate

  • 操作简单

    Simple operation, one person to operate more than one

  • 不伤工件

    Does not damage the workpiece, does not affect the accuracy

  • 成本低

    Low consumable loss and low cost

  • 无死角

    Inner hole, special-shaped hole and blind hole can be ground and polished

  • 应用广

    Suitable for all kinds of materials, all kinds of shapes