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Peruh62 brass pipe polishing process

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As a metal material with excellent performance, h62 brass tube is widely used in various fields. And the use of polishing process, but also let h62 brass tube bloom bright light. This article will focus on h62 brass tube polishing to start, introduce its excellent performance and application prospects.

h62 brass pipe polishing process

First, h62 brass pipe introduction

h62 brass tube is a kind of copper as the main component of the alloy tube, containing a small amount of zinc, lead, aluminum and other elements. Because of its good processing performance, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, it is widely used in electrical, electronic, communications, automotive, construction and other industries.

Second, h62 brass tube polishing process

1. Polishing principle

h62 brass tube polishing is mainly through mechanical abrasion to remove the oxide layer, dirt and microscopic unevenness on the surface of the tube, so that its surface to achieve a smooth, bright effect. During the polishing process, the polishing wheel on the polishing machine carries out high-speed friction on the surface of the pipe, and the friction force reduces the microscopic unevenness of the surface of the pipe, so as to realize the polishing effect.

2. Polishing process

h62 brass tube polishing process is generally divided into the following steps:

(1) pre-polishing: h62 brass tube is placed on the polishing machine, the use of coarse polishing wheel for preliminary polishing, remove the surface oxide layer and dirt.

(2) Coarse polishing: use medium grain size polishing wheel for coarse polishing, further reduce the micro unevenness of the tube surface.

(3) Fine polishing: use fine grain size polishing wheel for fine polishing, make the pipe surface more smooth.

(4) fine polishing: use fine polishing wheel for fine polishing, to achieve high mirror effect.

Third, h62 brass tube polishing process of excellent performance

1. anti-corrosion properties: h62 brass tube after polishing, the surface is smooth, not easy to hang salt frost, has good corrosion resistance.

2. aesthetics: the surface of h62 brass tube after polishing is bright and shiny, which improves the appearance quality of the product and enhances the competitiveness of the product in the market.

3. Processing performance: the polishing process can improve the processing performance of h62 brass tube, making it easier to carry out subsequent processing.

4. Abrasion resistance: the surface hardness of h62 brass tube after polishing is improved, and the abrasion resistance is better.

Fourth, h62 brass tube polishing application prospects

With the continuous development of science and technology, h62 brass tube polishing technology is more and more widely used in various fields. In the electrical, electronic, communications and other industries, polished h62 brass tube as a conductive medium, with excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. In the automobile, construction and other industries, polished h62 brass tube can be used to manufacture automobile parts, building decoration, etc., to enhance the appearance of the product quality.

In addition, with the continuous pursuit of people's quality of life, polished h62 brass tube also has a wide range of application prospects in the field of household appliances, daily necessities and so on.

In short, h62 brass tube polishing process with its excellent performance and wide application prospects, will continue to play an important role in various fields. With the continuous innovation and enhancement of polishing technology, the future h62 brass tube polishing process will be more perfect, injecting new vitality for China's metal materials industry.